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August 2023 – Unveiling Myths & Realities: HR Consulting in the African Market

Since being established in 2010, PRI has grown across the continent in terms of offices opened, projects completed, and clients gained over its more than a decade of experience. During this time, we have witnessed the global trend of HR consulting and outsourcing gaining traction, enabling organisations to optimise their HR functions and concentrate on their core business objectives.

May 2023 – The dynamic Landscape of Recruitment in Africa

Africa is often cited as one of the fastest growing, and most promising, markets in the world, but this excitement often overlooks the unique challenges and complexities of doing business across the continent.
PRI Perspective

June 2022 – Africa’s brain drain

The issue of skilled migration away from the continent is a topic that regularly pops up in the news cycle, usually with doom and gloom headlines. Although the reality of “brain drain” is an international occurrence, Africa is the continent hardest hit by this phenomenon.

February 2022 – African Talent for African development

The events of the past few years have had an undeniable negative impact on global economies and economic growth. In Africa’s case, this has compounded various other issues the region already faced pre-pandemic. According to the International Monetary Fund, global economic growth fell to an annualised rate of around -3,2% in 2020.
African Talent For African Development
Empowering People With Disabilities

August 2021 – Offshoring & Empowering people with disabilities

Many businesses in markets, such as Europe and the USA, carry a large cost burden for their support staffing functions. This is often driven by the maturity of that market where salaries, rent and general cost of living are comparatively higher than other markets. In order to offset some of this cost burden organizations have looked to “offshoring” some functions to another country.

May 2021 – Inflation and salaries in Zambia

According to the Zambia Statistics Agency, as of March 2021 Zambia reached its highest rate of inflation since 2016, with the main increase coming from the rising prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages. This is to say that the average cost of goods and services between March 2020 and March 2021 increased by 22.8% (1).
Inflation And Salaries In Zambia